Kellie Maloney

Since Kellie’s retirement from managing and promoting boxing in October 2013, she has become a much sought after player on the motivational speaking circuit. As well as her charming and witty persona, Kellie has enjoyed a long and successful career managing boxers and has become an inspirational transgender figure since her reassignment surgery in 2014.

Kellie managed the iconic boxing legend, Lennox Lewis, for over decade. She guided him to victory when he took the WBC World Heavyweight belt in 1992 and continued to manage him until her retirement from the sport in 2001.

In 2014, Kellie revealed to the world that she was to undergo gender reassignment surgery and become a female.  The revelation became a huge media storm and Kellie then appeared as a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother.  Channel 5 also produced an in-depth documentary following her journey to transition called Kellie Maloney, No Going Back.

Kellie now works as a motivational speaker and is also an ambassador for the Greater Fort Lauderdale area in Florida.  She wishes to encourage LGBT people around the world to visit the area. She went on an eight-day speaking tour to promote the equality of the area, stating that, “LGBT travellers feel like any traveller when they visit Greater Fort Lauderdale.” Kellie continues to be an inspirational figure for many people around the world, both inside the trans community and out. Her story of resilience and sincerity makes her a perfect motivational speaker, as well as her many witty anecdotes from her long career within the boxing community.

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